YouTube To Mp3 Converter Quick Guide: How Download YouTube Songs With A Free Tool

Nowadays, everyone loves listening to music anywhere. With a smartphone and some earphones, you can already enjoy your favorite songs – even while you’re in a crowded train.

There are many ways to do this like subscribing to Spotify or iTunes. But, this costs money. That’s why many people go to YouTube. Still, YouTube has tons of ads that can ruin your listening experience.

You can subscribe to YouTube to get ad-free viewing. Still, it would cost you a lot of money to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Don’t want to spend big bucks to get your favorite songs on your playlist? Are you tired of ads popping out when you’re just starting to feel the rhythm?

You can get all your favorite tunes for free using a free tool that can download YouTube songs to mp3. Here’s a quick guide on how to convert YouTube songs to mp3.

Step 1: Go to the Online YouTube to Mp3 Converter Website

Open iTubeGo Youtube to MP3 Converter. You’ll be redirected to this website.

Step 1: Go to the Online YouTube to Mp3 Converter

Step 2: Copy the YouTube Video Link

There are two ways to get the YouTube video link you want to convert. First, copy the link from the address bar.

Copy the YouTube Video Link

You can also click on “SHARE”. A pop-up will appear with the shortened video link that you may copy.

share youtube link

Step 3: Paste the URL

Click on the search bar and paste the URL of the video. You can paste the video by right-clicking in the box and clicking “Paste”. You can also use the shortcut “Ctrl+V” on your keyboard.

Paste the URL

You might find that the link downloads automatically. But, if it doesn’t, just click on “Download Now” to start your YouTube song download.

Step 4: Start the Conversion Process

Next, click on “Download Mp3”. You’ll see that the converting process is ongoing if the button changes to “MP3 Processing __%”. The processing time will depend on the duration and quality of the video.

Download Mp3

Step 5: Wait for the Converted Mp3 File to Download

Once the processing is finished, it will start downloading automatically. The download duration will depend on the size of the file. You will find the downloaded mp3 in the “Downloads” folder of your computer.

Mp3 File

These are the easy steps to convert videos from YouTube to mp3 songs. Download free music and listen to your favorite songs without those disturbing ads. You can also get music from other websites like Dailymotion. Enjoy!

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