YouTube blocks popular streaming download websites, which online download site is still available?

Some video download websites have been unable to download and convert files from YouTube in recent days. YouTube suddenly blocked requests from these sites, and these streaming video downloader sites could only be turned off.
At this time we can confirm that the following list of websites has stopped downloading video services:

The most visited was also affected, and the error message was displayed when the website downloaded the YouTube video yesterday. Today seems to start to restore the service, we tried to download the video in MP4 format, can successfully download.

However, some sites have been suspended for free online downloads, but the charging mode has been turned on. Like is also a very famous online video download site. We tried to enter the YouTube video URL, click on the download button, the page will scroll to the bottom, the APP monthly download service, $19.99 for 6 months, lifetime is 39.99 dollars.,, has been restored by the service provider and is now able to download videos normally. has been a relatively popular site for free online download video service, this time youtube was suddenly blocked and has not been affected. The site service has been able to work normally and is relatively stable. But still requires users to respect intellectual property and not to abuse the author’s video and audio.

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