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How to add iTubeGo Extension to Download YouTube Video on Google Chrome/Firefox

Use the iTubeGo Extension to let you download YouTube videos more easier on web browser include Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera , UC and so on. When you watch YouTube videos, click the download button with one click to get YouTube videos and save them on your computer.

Follow the simple steps below to install iTubeGo Extension:

1. Add the Tampermonkey extension, Choose to install according to your browser.

Google ChromeAdd Now
FirefoxAdd Now
SafariAdd Now
Microsoft EdgeAdd Now
OperaAdd Now
DolphinAdd Now
UCAdd Now

Tampermonkey is a necessary extension to support the normal operation of iTubeGo JS. Click “Add to Chrome” and follow the instructions. ( Similar steps in other browsers )

chrome tampermonkey

2. Click Install, open the Tampermonkey UserScript installation page, and then click “Install” to complete the installation.

You can see the picture below:


3. Open the YouTube video and you will see the download button. Click Other formats, you can see more formats and quality for you to choose.

download youtube mp4 mp3

If you can’t see the download button, you can follow the steps above to reinstall it. Or contact us and let us help you.