Step-by-Step Guide on How to Upload Facebook Video to YouTube

After doing a livestream, you might want to upload your Facebook video to YouTube. Facebook makes it easy to livestream, record your videos, and attract viewers. However, it doesn’t monetize the content you made yourself. YouTube remains superior in making money out of uploading videos.

The question now is how do you get your Facebook video and share it on another platform. The process isn’t that straightforward but it’s still doable. The following guide will help you learn how to download any Facebook video and upload it on YouTube.

  1. Find the Facebook video you like to download.

If you’re downloading your own video, go to your profile and click the Photos tab. You can see your videos along with your pictures therein. Once you’ve found the video post, click it.

In case you’re looking for a video from another user but can’t remember the title, caption or user, check your Activity Log on Facebook. You’re likely to find a link especially if you’ve liked or reacted to the post. If you’ve saved the video post, you can easily search for it in the Saved section of your Facebook account.

2. Copy its video link.

Search for the three gray dots on the upper right corner (or sometimes on the lower right corner) of the post. Click that. Then, click the Save Link or Copy Link button from the dropdown menu that shows up. Keep in mind that this video link is different from the URL of the actual Facebook post.

facebook video

3. Open a new tab and go to an online Facebook video downloader.

There’s no need for you to download a program just to get a video from an online source. There are many online video downloaders out there. Not all of them can download Facebook videos though.

As such, make sure you pick a downloading tool that’s specifically made for the said videos. Or, choose a downloader which can accommodate videos from all of the major video-sharing platforms.

facebook video downloader

4. Right-click and paste the video link on the downloader’s search box. Click the Download button on the search box’s right side.

The download Facebook video to YouTube tool has a search box on the center or on the upper portion. Paste the copied video link on the said search box. Then click the Download button next to it. Take note that this button won’t download the video right away.

During this stage, the video is being converted into downloadable forms. In case it says that the video isn’t supported, repeat step 1 and paste the link once again. Such notification shows up when you’ve pasted anything but video links.

5. Choose your preferred video file format and the recommended video quality. Right-click the Download button and click Save Link As.

After the conversion, you’ll see a list of video file formats such as MP4, AVI, FLV and MOV. Click the Download button beside the format you like.

Next, choose the highest video quality available for such format. Don’t download a low-quality video because it will look blurry after you upload it on YouTube.

Once you’ve selected the recommended video quality, right-click and choose Save Link As. Pick the destination folder and edit the name of the video file. The downloading process will then start. Wait for it to finish and watch it before uploading it on YouTube.

5. Open your YouTube account, click the Upload button and choose the video you wish to upload.

If you won’t add changes to the video, you can proceed to uploading right away. To do so, sign-in to your YouTube account. In case you have multiple channels, go to your preferred one.

Click the Upload button which is usually on the upper right corner of YouTube’s interface. Afterwards, search for the downloaded video in your chosen destination folder. Choose that and click the Upload button once more.

Before you upload Facebook video to YouTube, you might want to trim some parts. In case a copyrighted song is featured in the video, you should also change it to avoid getting flagged later on. Once it’s edited and uploaded, watch it, promote it and let it garner views.

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