How to share facebook videos to twitter

Now we are more and more fond of showing stories and life around us on social media. Both Facebook and Twitter are very popular social platforms, and we will post our own posts, or videos, to showcase our personality.
There are a lot of popular or related topics on Facebook that we can easily find. However, many people would like to share the video on Facebook to Twitter.

How can I upload a Facebook video to Twitter for automatic playback in the timeline?

The following will be introduced in two parts, how to download Facebook video and how to upload Facebook videos to Twitter.
First, we need a Facebook video download tool to download Facebook videos locally.

1. Copy Facebook video link
Copy the Facebook video link you want to download. You just need to right click on the video, select “Show video URL”, then a link box will pop up, Ctrl+C, copy the link,

Facebook video URL

2. Paste the Facebook link to the downloader
Paste the link into the Facebook downloader and click the download button. The downloader will show you the best video format MP4 by default. Click the download button to download the Facebook video to your computer.
It should be noted here that the size of the Twitter video file is limited to 512M. You can select the appropriate video size to download the file. The Facebook video downloader supports multiple formats and file sizes.

Facebook video downloader

After the video is downloaded, we just need to open Twitter and upload the Facebook video to Twitter.
Here are the step-by-step instructions for Twitter upload:
1. Click the Tweet button
 2. Click Add media, choose a video file, and click Open (Note: Maximum file size is 512MB)
3. In the Edit window, you can trim the length of your selected video (Note: Maximum video length is 2 minutes and 20 seconds)
4. Click Done when you’re finished with your edits
5. Click Tweet to share your video

This way you will successfully upload your Facebook video to Twitter, which is very simple.

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