Nowadays, people have been watching Youtubers play games ever since it had been a hit. Starting from people who are playing horror games or Minecraft. Playthroughs have been done by not one but many Youtubers. And no lone Youtuber have the same way of presenting a playthrough than the other.

Viewers watch such videos online, but sometimes would need to have access to it offline. Youtube had given users the opportunity to save their videos offline. The problem is, this does not work. And sometimes, a video might end up not downloaded completely. To solve this problem, you can download a video using a converter instead. There are many converters available online. For example, we will use iTubeGo YouTube Downloader given its fast conversion rate.


How to Remove or Uninstall helper? is a well-known website, and Helper is an application designed to download videos directly from YouTube, Facebook and other similar streaming video sites.
But Helper is a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It may open ads based on the website you are visiting. Obviously, steal your private information, such as your IP address, the pages you visit, etc. without your permission. Helper is risky for your information security. Therefore, removing Helper will get you out of these harmful programs. This tutorial will help you remove Helper from your computer.

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Looking for a website that satiates your otaku tastes? Bilibili is the website for you. Bilibili is an online video sharing platform that features anime, computer games, and comics.

Bilibili is famous for its live stream gaming content. But unlike other streaming services, Bilibili allows the audience to interact with the streamers. Its unique chat room is different from other platforms since it creates an environment of shared experiences.

Despite its unique features, keeping up with the Bilibili content can be frustrating. Since the majority of its content are live broadcasts, users can miss out on exciting happenings if they have a busy schedule. It’s also drawing criticisms for not allowing users to watch without an Internet connection.

Until Bilibili updates its system, there’s no other way to enjoy its content besides watching via live streams. If you’re frustrated with this, you can always convert bilibili to mp3. This way, you can have a copy of any Bilibili stream and enjoy it whenever you want.

Looking for a way to keep up with Bilibili content? Download bilibili to mp3 using iTunbeGo Video to Mp3 Converter. iTubeGo is an online platform that allows bilibili to mp3 conversion.

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How to Download Football Video from YouTube

There are already over 1 billion users on YouTube according to its own statistics. In addition, YouTube claims that they have 1 billion hours of videos watched daily from their registered and non-registered users. Given this data, it is no wonder why many users would want to just download some videos from said website.

Maybe you are a football fan, like watching football games or World Cup on YouTube. Sometimes you want to watch a classic game on your mobile phone offline, then you may want to download the video of the football game from YouTube.

Here is an easy guide on how to save football video on desktop or any other videos from YouTube that you would want to watch with or without the use of the internet.

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5 Steps to Convert YouTube to MP3 on Android

YouTube is an online platform where you can view thousands of videos. You can’t download music, at least not directly. Instead, you need to use tools to convert YouTube to mp3 Android to change the video to audio.

At the same time, these converters allow you to download the mp3 to your android phone. It allows you to listen to YouTube music anytime, anywhere. One of the best converters of YouTube to mp3 Android is iTubeGo YouTube to MP3.

iTubeGo is an online converter that allows videos to be converted to any format, including mp3. You can use it to download YouTube to mp3 Android in just a few minutes.

Follow the steps below to start the conversion!

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How to Remove YTmp3 Virus and Convert YouTube MP3 Safety with Ytmp3 Alternative? is an unreliable website. Which allows users for video conversion, It provides YouTube to MP3, MP4 conversion. But Ytmp3 is a website that generates revenues through advertising services. Although it claims to be free, unfortunately, some adware programs will inject these ads on the websites you visit without the permission. Generate income for Ads. When you convert the video, you’ll notice that multiple ads, pop-up ads, banners, etc. pop-ups may be caused by adware hidden inside the computer.The application may not exist in the control panel, and the virus redirection may still be induced.

Now I will show you how to remove the Ytmp3 virus and tell you a simpler and more convenient YouTube to mp3, mp4 conversion tool. 100% safe and free, no ads.

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Watching music videos on Facebook has become quite popular. Gone are the days when only YouTube and other music streaming services are allowed to post music and music videos. Now, Facebook has allowed direct posting of audio files and videos.

Given that, you might be wondering how you can download Facebook Music to MP3? There are several ways since you can find many different websites that offer such service. For some, you may even convert and download converted audio and video files free!


[SOLVED] VidMate App can’t download? How to Fix it

We all know that VidMate is an app that can download video from various  streaming websites like YouTube. But Why VidMate App cann’t download in the Google Play Store? According to Google Play Store terms of service which prohibits downloading videos from YouTube. So that VidMate app initially present in the Google play store after few warnings it got permanently removed from the Play store.

But you can download online videos with iTubeGo YouTube Downloader, it supports most famous streaming websites like Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram etc.

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How to Download Soundcloud Music TO mP3 on iPhone (No Jailbreak)

Soundcloud is the world’s largest music and audio platform on the internet. This platform just launched last 2008 but it is already popular for its unique sharing feature wherein artists can share music, podcasts, and other audio demos while connecting with fans and other artists.

As of March 28, 2019, Soundcloud has already 76 million monthly users. In addition, there are now more than 170 million tracks uploaded to Soundcloud since December 14, 2017. With the large number of users and of files uploaded in Soundcloud, you may want to download Soundcloud on iPhone for offline listening.

Just follow the images below with their accompanied description below in order to download Soundcloud offline.

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Convert YouTube Videos to Mp3 On Mac and Transfer to iPhone

There are a lot of ways to convert YouTube videos to Mp3 on your Mac but iTubeGo is the easiest way to get your desired songs. It supports over 1000 online video streaming platforms. These include Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion and many other streaming websites.

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