[Update] Onlinevideoconverter stops music download service

In July, we reported that onlinevideoconverter.com could not download YouTube, but soon onlinevideoconverter.com resumed the download service. However, recent major online YouTube download sites have been unable to download music. Onlinevideoconverter.com is the Top one YouTube video download and YouTube audio conversion online tool, and the music download function is also suspended.

We tried to download a YouTube video or a video that was not related to music and it was downloaded successfully.

I found a video of a talk show on YouTube, paste the video link in the online videoconverter.com search box, and select the output format as MP3.

youtube to mp3

Soon, the audio of the talk show was extracted from the video in mp3 format.

download mp3

Next I tried a VEVO YouTube video. Also choose the output format as MP3, unfortunately, onlinevideoconverter.com prompts “Oops! An error has occurred, please try converting again.”


I tried a few other MTV music videos for conversion, and I didn’t succeed. Did it prove that ONLINEVIDEOCONVERTER. COM has stopped the music conversion service?
Do you think that is the end? not at all. I changed the output format to MP4 video format. The result is unfortunate and has not been successfully converted.

youtube to mp4

So we can be sure that as long as it is a music-related video, Whether the output format is audio or video, it is forbidden.

Onlinevideoconverter.com has stopped the music conversion service, and there is one less free music service for users. But for music creators, personal copyright is protected. We should respect copyright at all times.

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