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Is dead? Recently we found that YouTube has made some moves to illegal downloads. Many online video streaming download platforms have been affected., the largest streaming video download website, announced a suspension of service after the new measures were implemented by YouTube in early July. has huge customer traffic, and soon the company temporarily switched to online video download and conversion services by switching to another server or changing the IP address. Although the service was quickly restored, today we have seen that the site has disabled the YouTube download service. When we entered the YouTube video link, the website prompts “Opps! An error has occurred, please try converting again.”. We tried multiple downloads and still didn’t succeed. We believe that onlinevideoconverter has disabled the service. still has market and product offerings, but if video streaming services such as YouTube continue to implement tough measures, it will soon die, as well as sites like, and other video ripper services.
Many companies say they can find a solution, and YouTube is bound to make more anti-reversal measures. The prospects for this industry will gradually die out. encourages users to respect the copyright of video authors. We provide online video download services and hope that users will treat video content correctly.

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