How to Grab YouTube Video to Your Computer

Watching YouTube videos is probably one of the highest-ranking activities done on the Internet. In fact, watching YouTube videos is what most people do to eliminate boredom. However, when there’s no Internet connection, YouTube won’t really work and there are no videos to watch. Luckily, there’s a way to grab and save a Youtube video to computer.

This tutorial enables you to grab videos on YouTube straight to your computer. Just follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Get the URL of the video you want to grab

Open your web browser. Go to and search for the video you want to grab. Once you’ve opened the video, hover your mouse over the address bar, highlight the whole URL, right-click, and then hit ‘Copy.’ You can also use the keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl+C.’

Step 2: Open the iTubeGo video downloader website

Once you’re in the website, paste the video URL on the search box. Click the “Download Now” button and wait.

Step 3: Start downloading

Once the page finishes loading, you can now grab YouTube video by simply clicking the ‘Download Now’ button. If nothing happens after clicking, an alternative way is to right-click on the ‘Download Now’ button and choose ‘Save link as…’

Step 4: Select the desired format and quality of the video

In this website, you may choose to download either the whole video, or just the audio. When downloading through iTubego, you can select different formats for your file—MP4, M4A, WEBM, 1080p MP4, and more.

Step 5: Choose where you want to save the video

Once you’ve selected the file quality, simply choose where you want to grab YouTube to computer. You can either choose to save it locally on the computer, or have it saved directly on a mobile device for portability.

The default file location of videos downloaded through iTubego would be in the ‘Downloads’ folder for both Windows and Mac users. You can change this location after you’ve chosen ‘Save link as…’ under Step 3 of this tutorial.

Once you’ve had your videos downloaded, you can start enjoying them on your computer, or copy them on your mobile device and watch them even without any Internet connection.

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