Watching music videos on Facebook has become quite popular. Gone are the days when only YouTube and other music streaming services are allowed to post music and music videos. Now, Facebook has allowed direct posting of audio files and videos.

Given that, you might be wondering how you can download Facebook Music to MP3? There are several ways since you can find many different websites that offer such service. For some, you may even convert and download converted audio and video files free!

Here’s a guide as to how to convert Facebook to MP3.


Step One: Once you have logged in on your Facebook account, look for the Facebook music that you want to download. Then, right-click on the music, a pop-up should appear. Click the option, ‘Copy Link Address’.

Copy Link Address

STEP TWO: Upon doing that, go to iTuneGo YouTube to MP3 Converter, the tool that we’ll use for this guide.

You should be redirected to the site once you clicked the link. Once you’ve accessed the site, click on the empty textbox, this will be where you will paste the link of the video you wish to convert.

Click CTRL + V to paste the link. Alternatively, you can right-click on the textbox, and click Paste.

Paste Facebook link


Step Three: To download Facebook to MP3, after you have pasted the link on the textbox, click Download Now.

Download Facebook to MP3

Step Four:  An icon of your link and the title of the song, as well as the duration, should appear afterward. Click ‘Download MP3’. Upon doing so, your MP3 file will be converted.

Download MP3
Download processing


STEP FIVE: Simply wait it out, iTubeGo usually converts your file fast and soon a window will pop-up. It will usually open to your Downloads Folder. By then, click on ‘Save’.

Save Facebook to mp3

Upon clicking save, your file will download to your computer. You can now listen to your favorite music. Just go to your Downloads folder or any other folder where you chose to download your file.

From there, you are done. You can play your music anytime you want, and you don’t have to log in to Facebook or access YouTube. iTubeGo YouTube to MP3 also converts music from sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Instagram, and other sites. Aside from that, you can also use iTubeGo to download MP4 files. The process is quick and easy.

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