How to Download Facebook Food Videos

Facebook food videos are all the rage these days because of what they give to the viewers – inspiration, entertainment, discovery, skillful guidance, and how to do things like a piece of cake!

Do you feel like channeling your inner chef? Want to learn to cook better, appreciate fine food, or just want to try to whip up that mouth-watering snack? It’s about time you start downloading those Facebook food videos. 

It’s as easy as pie.

You can download Facebook food videos by utilizing a free online video download tool. Introducing the — Facebook Video Downloader. Yes, you got it right, it’s absolutely free! This is the best tool to save and convert these Facebook videos to MP4 format.

Here are more fun facts about the Facebook Video Downloader:

It does not only support SD video but also downloads videos in HD MP4 format.

If you happen to see a high-definition food video on Facebook, you can easily download it with the Facebook Video Downloader without losing any quality. You can get it going well even with a 720p and 1080p.

The best part about the Facebook Video Downloader is you can do this with a clap and a wink!

Here’s how:

Step 1. Right click the Facebook video and select “Show video URL”

facebook food video

Step 2. Once that link is copied, paste the Facebook URL on the search box of the Facebook Video Downloader.

download facebook food video

Step 3. After that, click “Download Now” to convert the Facebook video to MP4.

Step 4. Finally, save the video to your PC, tablet or other mobile devices.

Voila! You’re done!

Quick tip! Before downloading the file, make sure that the video is not in private but in public. If the video is available, you can also download HD MP4.

Don’t sweat it if you encounter a problem in downloading the video, simply right-click the download button. And then pick out and click “Download Link As” or “Save Link As” and the video will start downloading.

save mp4 video

Warning! You might wonder if downloading a Facebook food video deemed legal. Remember this! You should only download Facebook videos that give you the permission from the copyright holder. Unauthorized downloading is in contradiction of the terms of service of Facebook. Don’t risk downloading copyright-protected videos without the permission of the author.

With all things done and considered, it’s now time to unleash the secret chef inside. Start downloading and have fun!

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