5 Steps to Convert YouTube to MP3 on Android

YouTube is an online platform where you can view thousands of videos. You can’t download music, at least not directly. Instead, you need to use tools to convert YouTube to mp3 Android to change the video to audio.

At the same time, these converters allow you to download the mp3 to your android phone. It allows you to listen to YouTube music anytime, anywhere. One of the best converters of YouTube to mp3 Android is iTubeGo YouTube to MP3.

iTubeGo is an online converter that allows videos to be converted to any format, including mp3. You can use it to download YouTube to mp3 Android in just a few minutes.

Follow the steps below to start the conversion!

1. Open YouTube on Mobile Browser or Mobile App

First, open Youtube on your Android mobile browser or through its mobile app. Search the video that you want to convert to mp3 and download on your device.

  • Copy URL from the Address Bar or Share Button

When you find the right video, copy the link from the address bar as you can see in the image below.

YouTube link

You can also copy the link by clicking the Share button.

It will show a popup box similar to the picture below where you can see the link. You can highlight it, then right-click or Ctrl+C to copy, or you can click the ‘COPY’ button on the right side.

copy share link

2. Open iTubeGo YouTube to MP3 Converter

After copying the link of the video, go to savemp3.cc on your Android web browser. From there, you will see the search box as shown in the picture below.

iTubeGo YouTube to MP3 Converter

3. Paste Link in Search Bar and Start Conversion

Paste the link on the search bar and then click ‘Download Now.’  Wait as the conversion process begins.

Paste Link
  • Click ‘Download MP3’ to Save Audio File

An image similar to what you can see below will be shown with the option to download the newly converted video. Just click ‘Download MP3’ for easy download. Wait till your video is saved on your Android phone.

convert youtube to mp3
download youtube to mp3 android

As you can see, it is easy to use your Android phone to download YouTube to mp3 format. You can listen to YouTube anytime, anywhere even without an Internet connection. Enjoy!

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  1. are these temp files? i downloaded some music to play during a company cookout and this morning they were all gone

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