Convert YouTube Music Video with YouTube Mp3 Converter

If you’re always surfing the Web, chances are you spend most of your time on YouTube. In this age and day, YouTube is a blessing. You can find a variety of music genre in any language to satisfy your curiosity and boredom. The newest feature even lets you listen offline at any time during the day.

Like other platforms, Youtube has its drawbacks. One of the major criticisms is that it doesn’t allow you to download videos on your device. You also can’t listen to music without internet connection.

So what do you need to do? The answer is to find a decent Youtube music converter. This way, you can download music and save them on your device to listen to them later.

Why use iTubeGo YouTube to Mp3 Converter?

If you find yourself needing to convert YouTube music, you’re in luck. iTubeGo allows you to download music from YouTube. It’s an online tool that lets you download YouTube music to computer, mobile, and tablet.

As the name indicates, iTubeGo is a YouTube free music downloader. It can recognize a youtube URL and convert it to mp3 within seconds. It is also easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about figuring out what to do. You can download YouTube videos with just a few clicks.

Another good feature is that iTubeGo suggests download quality. You can download video and convert it from 160kbs to 50kbs. Aside from mp3, you can also choose other formats such as webm and m4a.

To know how to convert youtube video with this online application, check the steps below.

On desktop:

Step1. Copy the YouTube URL

Open Youtube in your device and copy the Youtube URL you want to convert.

Step2: Paste the YouTube URL into the search box

Wait for the suggested youtube video to appear on the screen. Once your desired video appears, click ‘Download Now’. Click the ‘Download MP3’ below to start YouTube Mp3 music download conversion.

Step 3: Save the video to your computer.

The downloaded mp3 file will appear in the default folder. On Windows, the default folder is C:\Users\user name\Downloads. On Mac, the default folder is: ~/Downloads/

On Mobile:

Step 1: Copy the desired youtube URL to the search box.

Step 2: Touch and the download button and hold until the menu appears. Click the ‘Download Link’ to start the conversion.

Step 3: The mp3 file will appear in your downloads folder.

Enjoy the iTubeGo’s YouTube Music Converter. If you have any questions, just click the FAQ or leave a comment below.

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