Looking for a website that satiates your otaku tastes? Bilibili is the website for you. Bilibili is an online video sharing platform that features anime, computer games, and comics.

Bilibili is famous for its live stream gaming content. But unlike other streaming services, Bilibili allows the audience to interact with the streamers. Its unique chat room is different from other platforms since it creates an environment of shared experiences.

Despite its unique features, keeping up with the Bilibili content can be frustrating. Since the majority of its content are live broadcasts, users can miss out on exciting happenings if they have a busy schedule. It’s also drawing criticisms for not allowing users to watch without an Internet connection.

Until Bilibili updates its system, there’s no other way to enjoy its content besides watching via live streams. If you’re frustrated with this, you can always convert bilibili to mp3. This way, you can have a copy of any Bilibili stream and enjoy it whenever you want.

Looking for a way to keep up with Bilibili content? Download bilibili to mp3 using iTunbeGo Video to Mp3 Converter. iTubeGo is an online platform that allows bilibili to mp3 conversion.

How does it work? The basic premise is that it can recognize a URL and extract the location of the video. After that, it presents a converted link for your device, which you can easily download.

iTubeGo is also easy to use. With just a few clicks, you can convert any Bilibili content and store it in your computer, tablet, or phone. Don’t worry about paying anything because iTubeGo lets you download bilibili free.

How to Download Streams from Bilibili

Just follow the steps below and you’re good to go:

  • Copy the bilibili video link.

You can do this by going to the Bilibili website. Search for the live stream or content you want to download and copy the URL from the address bar.

bilibili music video
  • Paste the link on iTubeGo.

Open iTubeGo and paste the URL of the video in the search box. Paste the URL using the CRTL + V on your keyboard. You can also paste the URL by right-clicking, then ticking paste.

convert bilibili to mp3
  • Download music from bilibili, save as mp3 format.

Click the download mp3 if the converted link shows up. If it doesn’t, click the download now to proceed.  

Note that the download duration depends on your Internet connection and the size of the content. Once the process is done, the downloaded file will automatically appear in your Downloads folder of your device.

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