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How to Download Tudou Videos Online?

Are you searching on the internet that is it possible to download Tudou Video online? The simple answer to your question is yes. And that’s not all; we’re also going to mention a plan of action through which you can download Tudou Video directly to your computer without spending a penny.


In China, the online video market is reaching to the new heights. Online platforms like Tudou allows users to watch the content uploaded by other users, licensed movies, television plays, and various other types of videos. According to some reports, the number of online video users has reached over 612 Million.

Tudou is a Chinese video-sharing website that went live for the first time on April 15, 2005. The platform got huge popularity from the initial years of its inception, and by 2007; it was serving 55 million videos each day. They claimed to upload more than 50,000 new videos every day. Every type of content like original videos, video blogging, clips from movies and TV shows, and music videos, is being uploaded on a daily basis. Anyone can watch videos online on this platform, but you need to be registered first if you want to upload an unlimited number of videos on TuDou.

Download Tudou Video For Free:

Now coming to the part and parcel of this article, where you can watch any type of video content on the Tudou but you need to have an internet connection every time you want to watch videos. Or what if you want to watch your favorite song multiple times every day? By downloading a video once, you can watch it as many times as you want, and you can also watch it when there is no internet connection, or it is not fast enough.

Many online downloaders are available in the market but most of them can’t be trusted and not safe to use. If you want to download Tudou video online, you can use iTubeGo YouTube Downloader. It is not only safe to use but also downloads Tudou video with guaranteed original quality.

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