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Ytmp3 Alternative: is a good replacement for ytmp3 is a very famous YouTube to MP3 conversion website. Recently received a complaint from a RIAA member company, we can’t find its website on Google search for ytmp3 for US Digital Millennium Copyright Act. There are many alternative websites for ytmp3 on the web.

I think you use ytmp3 mainly to convert YouTube to Mp3. After comparing multiple ymp3 alternatives, I recommend ITubeGo is a professional audio and video download service. Its YouTube to mp3 converter is a perfect alternative to ytmp3.

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FLVto Alternative and Similar YouTube Downloader

Introduction of FLVto Website

Let’s introduce the YouTube conversion software name as “FLVto”. Developed in Russia, this is the best converter that is available for both desktop computers and online users. With this best file converter, you can convert or produce different file formats such as MP4, AVI, HD MP4.

FLVto is designed to change the file from one format to another. Make sure you are not doing anything wrong with copyright music files. Otherwise, it can create problems for you. Are you looking for different alternative websites similar to FLVto that can download and convert YouTube videos? If yes, then let’s have a look.

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Best Alternatives for to Download YouTube

Websites like help you to download and convert online YouTube videos into MP4 video files. YouTube is considered as the best hosting website for videos over the internet. On YouTube, one can find different videos regarding movies, games, tutorials, technology, romantic and thriller. Are you a music lover? Is it your hobby to watch music MV video? Then you must have subscribed different video channels. helps you to convert your YouTube videos into a high-quality MP4 file. With the help of 2conv, one can watch their favorite movie offline. But sometimes, 2Conv cannot working when downloading some YouTube links. And there are a lot of ads on 2conv that are annoying. Are you interested to learn the best alternative websites similar to If yes, then this article is best for you here, you can learn the best alternatives for with detail downloading steps. Let’s have a look.

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[Update] Onlinevideoconverter stops music download service

In July, we reported that could not download YouTube, but soon resumed the download service. However, recent major online YouTube download sites have been unable to download music. is the Top one YouTube video download and YouTube audio conversion online tool, and the music download function is also suspended.

We tried to download a YouTube video or a video that was not related to music and it was downloaded successfully.

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Is dead? Recently we found that YouTube has made some moves to illegal downloads. Many online video streaming download platforms have been affected., the largest streaming video download website, announced a suspension of service after the new measures were implemented by YouTube in early July.

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YouTube blocks popular streaming download websites, which online download site is still available?

Some video download websites have been unable to download and convert files from YouTube in recent days. YouTube suddenly blocked requests from these sites, and these streaming video downloader sites could only be turned off.
At this time we can confirm that the following list of websites has stopped downloading video services:

The most visited was also affected, and the error message was displayed when the website downloaded the YouTube video yesterday. Today seems to start to restore the service, we tried to download the video in MP4 format, can successfully download.

However, some sites have been suspended for free online downloads, but the charging mode has been turned on. Like is also a very famous online video download site. We tried to enter the YouTube video URL, click on the download button, the page will scroll to the bottom, the APP monthly download service, $19.99 for 6 months, lifetime is 39.99 dollars.,, has been restored by the service provider and is now able to download videos normally. has been a relatively popular site for free online download video service, this time youtube was suddenly blocked and has not been affected. The site service has been able to work normally and is relatively stable. But still requires users to respect intellectual property and not to abuse the author’s video and audio.

The Best Tubemate Alternative for TubeMate Video Downloader on Android

Tubemate is not available from the Play store. Since TubeMate no longer supports downloading from YouTube,  Any good alternatives?

Here is the best Tubemate  alternative to free download YouTube videos for Android devices. iTubeGo YouTube Downloader is an online video download tool to download YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, or any other video/audio websites to MP4, M4a, Mp3.

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How to Remove or Uninstall helper? is a well-known website, and Helper is an application designed to download videos directly from YouTube, Facebook and other similar streaming video sites.
But Helper is a potentially unwanted program (PUP). It may open ads based on the website you are visiting. Obviously, steal your private information, such as your IP address, the pages you visit, etc. without your permission. Helper is risky for your information security. Therefore, removing Helper will get you out of these harmful programs. This tutorial will help you remove Helper from your computer.

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How to Remove YTmp3 Virus and Convert YouTube MP3 Safety with Ytmp3 Alternative? is an unreliable website. Which allows users for video conversion, It provides YouTube to MP3, MP4 conversion. But Ytmp3 is a website that generates revenues through advertising services. Although it claims to be free, unfortunately, some adware programs will inject these ads on the websites you visit without the permission. Generate income for Ads. When you convert the video, you’ll notice that multiple ads, pop-up ads, banners, etc. pop-ups may be caused by adware hidden inside the computer.The application may not exist in the control panel, and the virus redirection may still be induced.

Now I will show you how to remove the Ytmp3 virus and tell you a simpler and more convenient YouTube to mp3, mp4 conversion tool. 100% safe and free, no ads.

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[SOLVED] VidMate App can’t download? How to Fix it

We all know that VidMate is an app that can download video from various  streaming websites like YouTube. But Why VidMate App cann’t download in the Google Play Store? According to Google Play Store terms of service which prohibits downloading videos from YouTube. So that VidMate app initially present in the Google play store after few warnings it got permanently removed from the Play store.

But you can download online videos with iTubeGo YouTube Downloader, it supports most famous streaming websites like Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram etc. Or choose a free VidMate alternative APP here: Best alternative app to VidMate for Android.

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